Learning Diversity

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Learning Diversity at Gateway

Gateway's commitment to ensuring all kinds of learners are successful throughout their high school careers necessitates innovative and individual support for students both in and out of class. Our goal is for every student to identify their own strengths and areas of growth as learners, and then advocate for the resources they need to be successful without stigma, and whether they do or do not have a diagnosed learning difference.

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My IEP teacher never gave up on me when I gave up myself. He pushed me to do harder work and take an AP class because he knew and believed in me that I could do it. I am gratefully thankful for the community at Gateway."

Gateway Grad
Class of 2023
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I enjoyed my experience with Gateway because I met a lot of new friends and leaned new things. My teachers were very supportive of my learning accommodations and I am very appreciative for that."

Gateway Grad
Class of 2023
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When I first started 9th grade I was nervous about feeling like an outsider because I had learning skills instead of another elective course. My teachers at Gateway helped me feel like I belonged... Each played a key role in me finding my inner strengths."

Gateway Grad
Class of 2023

The Learning Center

The Learning Center reflects Gateway’s philosophy that all students learn differently and the commitment to help a diverse body of students realize their full learning potential. Often described as “the academic engine of the school,” the Learning Center is available to all students who need additional support. Individual and small group instruction in core skill areas, adaptive technology, testing support, and formal special education plans are all managed through The Learning Center. 

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Director of Inclusive Practices

Given Gateway’s 25-year track record of success working with diverse learners and their families, the majority of our students with diagnosed learning differences tend to stay with us all seven years of both middle and high school. In recognition of that fact and to better support these students, Our Director of Inclusive Practices, Cassandra Dougherty, works with educators at both school sites to ensure a seamless experience for students as they move from one campus to the next, and leverage the expertise of all the educators, both past and present, on a given student’s learning team. 

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Renaissance Woman: An Athlete and Scholar Learning with Dyslexia
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Lessons from Distance Learning